If your aim is to ensure your written work is polished, correct and

an altogether-improved version of itself before it is shared or published -

that’s exactly how I can help.


I provide professional copyediting and proofreading services for any type of written material, printed or digital. Either service will provide you with peace of mind about the finished quality of your work and, importantly, can greatly influence how well it is received by your audience and how successfully it meets your goals.

Why a professional?

If you haven’t used a professional copyeditor or proofreader before, these services can make the time and effort you’ve poured into your writing significantly, even dramatically, more valuable. As even the most keen-eyed and well-schooled writer will agree, a self-edited document (or one edited by a friend or family member) almost certainly results in a less accurate and effective final piece than if passed under the microscope of a professional editor. The result can lead to selling more product, increasing your number of clients or members, influencing more people to action or even the difference between your writing being published or not.

If you’re unsure about the difference between a copyediting and proofreading service, you’re in good company!

For more detail about both, and how to request a quote and/or sample edit, please see my Services page.  

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Margie did a superb job proofreading a large and detailed manual. She was professional, thorough and patiently took the time to understand my specific needs. Margie's polite communication made working together a pleasure and her attention to detail was essential in providing a quality finished product.

Thank you, Margie, it will be a pleasure to work with you again.

Alexandra Brown, founder of Invest with Ethics