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My services

I provide three services:



         Book formatting in Microsoft Word

My copyediting and proofreading services cover the following document types:

Website content

Conference material

Research reports

Administration materials

Family history documents

Essays and theses

Book manuscripts

Journal and magazine articles

Marketing material

Newspaper articles

Annual reports

Policy documents

Grant applications


Non-government reports

Government reports

Margie Cosgrave Word Polish

As your copyeditor …

I will thoroughly check, improve and correct your copy. This involves going through it multiple times (each time is called a ‘pass’) to check for consistency, clarity, flow and accuracy of syntax, punctuation, grammar and spelling. I will check that your style choices, or your organisation’s style guide, are complied with throughout and that the language used is appropriate for your target audience.


Copyediting will lift the quality of your work to its highest level, while respectfully maintaining your content and ‘voice’. This is a more in-depth service than proofreading. If you have doubts about any of the above aspects of your work, or you are striving to make your work as successful as it can be for its intended purpose, copyediting is the best choice. Please contact me about copyediting your document.

As your proofreader …

I will meticulously check your copy for errors before your work goes to print or publication. If your piece hasn’t already been copyedited, having it proofread at this final, point-of-no-return stage is strongly advisable! Proofreading involves thorough multiple passes (as with copyediting) to pick up any mistakes or glaring issues in punctuation, grammar, spelling and any other elements that need to be correct, for example, heading formats, page numbers, photo placement and captions, layout features.


Proofreading is a more quickly achieved service than copyediting. It ensures your written work is error-free and well-finished, which can impact your readers’ reactions. If you think your draft is sound but just needs a meticulous error check, or your budget can accommodate only proofreading (not copyediting), contact me about proofreading.

How will I edit your document?

Copyediting: Typically, in a Microsoft Word document using the Track Changes function. I can also use Suggest Edits in Google Docs.

Proofreading: For documents to be published, such as books and magazines, usually on a 'typeset' copy - the already-designed version. This is the last stage before going to print. For other material, such as business documents, proofreading can be done in a range of ways, depending on the nature of the document.

I can also 'mark up' by hand on hard copy, using standard proofreading marks – if you are not familiar with these, I will return your edited copy with a list of the marks.  If you prefer a different method of marking up, please contact me to discuss.


I will return your edited copy to you via email unless you request otherwise.

As your book formatter ...

I will use tools within Microsoft Word to transform your edited manuscript into book format, ready to take to the printer. We will work together to ensure I embrace your style preferences and the 'look' you would like. This can be a stand-alone service if you have had your manuscript copyedited or proofread elsewhere, or I can provide a double editing and book formatting service, noting that each would need to be quoted separately.


Book formatting in Word is not wildly user-friendly and can be vexing to learn, so I'm glad to offer authors an escape route!

Quoting and rates

Every piece of written work needs to be quoted individually and depends on a range of factors: the nature and complexity of your work, the level of editing required by me, and the timeframe available for editing completion. My rates are very reasonable and, once quoted, the price will not alter. If you are on a budget, please ask me what level of service I can offer to stay within that budget. 


If I have copyedited your document, and you decide to have it proofread as well for a final check before going to print or publication, please contact me for a separate quote. 


How to get a quote? Please see my Contact page. If you have any concerns about emailing your full document - for example, if it includes sensitive content - please contact me to discuss an alternative arrangement, such as signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement before sending.


Sample edit? If you need further assurance about whether I will be a good fit for you as your copyeditor, proofreader or book formatter, I understand. You can request a sample edit. There will be no fee for this – you need to feel comfortable and secure about engaging me to work with you and your written piece.


To make an enquiry, ask questions, request a quote or sample edit, please visit my Contact page.

Margie Word Polish
Margie Word Polish

Margie Cosgrave has completed several editing jobs for me, a researcher in the field of Music and Arts, with stellar efficiency. She is dependable, punctual, and has a strong focus on grammar, punctuation, coherency, and clarity in writing. She also pays close attention to the details of referencing, an important aspect of academic editing. Her application of track changes is easy to follow. Margie makes useful, constructive comments in an unambiguous way, and compiles useful tips for obvious weaknesses in a writer’s style - when it’s not hitting the mark. I have no hesitation in recommending Margie as an editor in my area of research and feel certain she has the capability to apply her skills across other disciplines.

Jocelyn Wolfe (PhD)

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